Tot watch
Tot Watchers
is a 1958 Tom and Jerry cartoon directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.


The duo are pals in this one- reluctantly taking over infant-watching duties from phone-happy teenager Jeannie. Like Popeye's travails with Swee'Pea, Tom and Jerry get the worst of the life-threatening predicaments that the infant narrowly manages to escape.


The lady of the house has gone out for a few hours, leaving her baby in the care of a stereotypical 1950s teenager, who immediately begins calling her friends. Tom and Jerry must call a truce to their constant chases as the baby, unsupervised, continually gets loose. When the baby escapes out the front door, Tom and Jerry chase it to a construction site, where they frantically try to keep it from harm.


The last theatrical Tom & Jerry release produced by Hanna and Barbera before 1975.

The second of two appearances of babysitter Jeannie and the wandering baby, who are also seen in Busy Buddies.

Spike makes a very short guest appearance.