Slap happy lion
Slap Happy Lion
is a 1947 MGM cartoon directed by Tex Avery.


The king of the jungle, after a well-spent day terrorising the rest of the animals, is petrified by a mouse...


The tragic downfall of a lion- from a mighty king of the beasts who terrorized a jungle to a jibbering, pill-popping wreck- is narrated by the mouse whose torments drove him crazy.


According to the British Film Institute, director Tex Avery's compression of visual gags into the fewest possible number of single frames created "one of the most manic (even by Avery's standards) sequences in animation history."

This short exists today only in reissue prints that were struck by MGM in the 1950's. The reissued version has an end-title card that erroneously lists this cartoon as a "Tom and Jerry" cartoon. A similar erroneous title-card can be seen at the end of Tex Avery's One Ham's Family.