Little Quacker
is a 1950 Tom and Jerry cartoon directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.


Mama duck leaves her nest for a little swim, and Tom swipes the egg. When he cracks it, out comes a little baby duckling; no matter, now Tom can have roast duck. But the bird runs away into Jerry's hole, and Jerry does what he can to save it until he's reunited with momma.


While mama duck goes out to swim in the pond, Tom sneaks in to steal her only egg! He rushes to the house and starts preparing breakfast. Out comes Little Quacker. Tom tries to fatten him up so he can be tasty. As he's eating bread, Tom takes a whack at the duckling, who then heads to Jerry's mousehole for cover. Jerry helps Little Quacker try to find mama duck while they're being pursued by Tom. Tom grabs a lawnmower to get them, but gets mama duck's feathers. Quacker's happy to see his mother, but Tom wants his duck dinner. Mama duck calls her husband ("HENNNNNRY!"), who's a big, strong papa duck! Henry runs Tom over with the lawnmower. Mama duck treats Jerry to a swim in a little rubber boat. Little Quacker's happy.


This is the first appearance of Little Quacker, who would be seen in seven more Tom and Jerry cartoons.