Little Gravel Voice
is a 1942 MGM cartoon directed by Rudolf Ising.


A little burro can't make any friends because his ear-splitting brays drive all the other young animals in the desert community away. He sinks into despair until he spots the animals who rejected him being menaced by a hungry wolf. The burro drives the wolf off, and the other animals happily accept him. But in a bizarre, unexpected ending, the animals all gang up on their hero!


A little burro is beloved by all the cute woodland creatures until he opens his mouth and they hear the horrible braying. Dejected, he wanders off on a mountain trail to cry. A wolf spots him, and begins stalking but the braying, even more hideous when mixed with sobs, chases him off. The wolf spots easier prey: the same cute critters that rejected our hero earlier. He corners a baby gopher, and is closing in, when the burro arrives and brays him right into a rock and off a cliff. The creatures decide to embrace the burro and to tie his ears around his mouth to silence him.


The burro was named Benny Burro in Dell comic books, but is nameless in this cartoon, in which the character makes his debut. Also a patriotic war message at the end credits reads: "America needs your money buy defense bonds and stamps every pay day".